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Gateville Law Firm is a virtual firm that embraces the latest technologies to resolve your legal matters. We are committed to addressing client concerns with proactive solutions. Our attorneys are experts in Divorce and Family Law, Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, as well as Business and Corporate Law.

Our firm focuses on excellent service, and we believe it is the core of our success. The Gateville Law team places a high value on our responsiveness, client services, and attention to detail. We represent a broad array of clients in the areas of Naperville, Shorewood, and Yorkville.

Our clients depend on our extensive experience and individualized attention. We form strong bonds and take great pride in our residual business. Gateville Law Firm is also regularly called on as a resource for area professionals, and many refer their clients to us.

Please feel free to contact us at 630-780-1034 or use our online contact form, provided for your convenience.

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Gateville Law Firm has a strong network of professionals who bring additional expertise and experience to the firm.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Agents and brokers are critical to the real estate process because they develop a sales price, present and negotiate settlement offers, showcase properties, and assist with home inspection issues.

Title Companies
Title companies are critical to completing the purchase and sale process. They order the real estate searches and help attorneys identify critical title issues, as well as offer title insurance for the real estate closing process. Gateville Law Firm has a close relationship with its title company, which provides extensive benefits to our real estate clients.

Mortgage Brokers and Agents
Brokers and agents are the financial experts who provide buyers with access to capital for real estate purchases. Furthermore, mortgage brokers and agents assist with the refinance process.

Home Inspectors
Home inspectors are hired to inspect real estate and provide a report to prospective buyers. These reports are used by the real estate attorney to negotiate any home inspection issues.

Radon Experts
Testing for radon exposure is a critical issue in the Kendall, DuPage, Will, and Kane County areas. Radon experts test properties to see whether they pass the radon test and provide radon mitigation if homeowners need to correct a failed test.

Surveyors develop a map to identify property boundaries and make sure legal descriptions are proper and precise.

Pest and Termite Inspectors
Inspectors provide the safest methods of pest control to ensure the health of your home.

Handy Persons
Skilled contractors assist homeowners with home repairs to comply with home inspection issues.

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