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African American Lawyer for Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

Attorney Sean Robertson of Gateville Law Firm empowers and educates clients who are traditionally disenfranchised. As the first African American lawyer in his family, Attorney Robertson understands the importance of financial literacy and economic empowerment. He has a passion for civil rights and believes that financial success is critical for the African American community. By establishing strong family values, we can provide legacies for future family members. The wealth gap is substantial, and each African American family estate planning represents change and improvement in the wealth gap.


As wealth attorneys and counselors, we understand the importance of financial empower and wealth building. Unfortunately, wealth preservation is often a missing step because wealth accumulation is easier and more fun. However, wealth preservation sets up families for generations. At Gateville Law Firm, we concentrate in real estate and estate planning. We believe the American dream is worth fighting for and assisting others to achieve.


Wills are the most commonly understood estate planning strategy in the African American community. Wills are also one of the least effective estate planning strategies to pass down money from generation to generation. A Will distributes one’s assets upon death and provides minor guardianship language to protect one’s children in case of a parent’s death. Attorney Sean Robertson utilizes Pour Over Wills, which combine with Trust to minimize estate conflicts and probate proceedings. The goal of a Pour Over Will is for it to be inapplicable to a family’s situation.


Trust are powerful and have the means and opportunity to change generations of family members. A Trust is private, empowering, and life changing if set-up and administered correctly. Simply put, a Trust is like a Will because it distributes your property to your loved ones. Unlike a Will, a Trust avoids probate court, minimizes estate and family conflicts, and protects beneficiaries from creditor concerns. A Trust enables parents to create children’s trust and sub-trust with the intended purpose of protecting their loved one’s inheritance and providing financial security for family members.


Advanced healthcare directives and Living Wills go hand in hand, an advanced healthcare directive addresses the following topics:

  • Caretaker duties and responsibilities are explained
  • Employs the use of an agent and successor agents to make health related decisions for seniors and loved ones
  • Provides instruction in how to handle emergency health situations and family emergencies
  • Gives doctors and hospitals including loved one’s specific instruction on how to manage one’s health related situations
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