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Estate Planning and Business Protection Attorney

Asset protection is the legal process of protecting one’s assets.  Most people focus on creating growth and fail to properly protect their hard-earned assets.  Safeguarding your assets is critical for real estate owners, business owners, professionals, and professional service providers.  Lawsuits and judgments threaten a person’s and family’s economic security.  Whether they are professional malpractice lawsuits, tort claims, car accident issues, business fraud lawsuits, personal guarantee defaults, and many other types of civil and legal litigation issues.

At Gateville Law Firm, our attorneys and staff have specialized knowledge in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, and business protection law.  Our Principal, Sean Robertson, is an attorney that has been licensed since 2004.  As a skilled and experienced Asset Protection Attorney, Attorney Robertson understands how to protect your personal and business assets.  Proper planning is essential because asset protection is not fraud.  It is too late to asset protection if there has arisen a possible claim against your business or family (or other entity).


Our firm represents a diverse group of people with regards to their estate planning and asset protection legal needs.  Our firm represents the following types of persons:

  • Family Owned Business Owners
  • Doctors and Physicians
  • Real Estate Owners and Investors
  • General Contractors and Builders
  • Small Business Enterprises and Closely held Businesses
  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Dentists
  • Franchise Owners

Often, husbands and wives cut corners and fail to properly invest in asset protection.  Safeguarding your business, real estate, and family’s assets is a critical necessity.  Attorney Robertson has in-depth knowledge of business law, asset protection, estate planning, creditor litigation, bankruptcy, and foreclosure, and many other types of areas of law that intersect with asset protection.  Our firm represents client throughout Kendall County and nearby Counties such as Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, Sandwich, Newark, Sugar Grove, Minooka, Shorewood, Plainfield, Joliet, Aurora, Montgomery, and Bristol.


A well-devised wealth preservation plan consists of the following:

  • Business Entity Formation
  • Series LLCs for Business Owners
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation
  • Real Estate Ownership and Privacy Planning
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning Trust
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Protection of Real Estate Equity Strategies

Attorney Robertson is an asset protection attorney that resides in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our firm prides itself on its’ expertise in the areas of estate planning and asset protection law.  Our firm is cutting-edge in preparing solid and time-tested asset protection strategies.  Protect your assets today by calling Attorney Robertson at 630-780-1034.  Attorney Robertson has been licensed as an attorney since 2004.  Contact Attorney Sean Robertson now at 630-780-1034 or via online contact form.

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