Attorneys for Kendall County Real Estate Investors

Gateville Law Firm and Sean Robertson concentrate in real estate law in Yorkville, Plano, Joliet, Plainfield, Aurora, Montgomery, and Kendall County.  Unlike other real estate attorneys, our real estate attorneys and professionals concentrate in representation of real estate investors, developers, construction owners, and builders.  Attorney Sean Robertson is a real estate attorney with greater than 15 years of experience in real estate law including the following:

  • Real estate closings
  • Set up and operation of parent company and subsidiary asset protection planning structures for real estate investors, construction owners and real estate owners
  • Estate Planning for Real Estate Owners
  • Series LLCs for Real Estate Investors and Owners
  • Set up of Private Land Trust for Privacy and Asset Protection
  • Liability Liability Company Formations and Incorporations
  • Drafting of LLC Operating Agreements, Bylaws, and Partnership Agreements

Attorney Robertson graduated with an emphasis in taxation and wealth law.  Unlike most real estate attorneys, Attorney Robertson has a strong asset protection and real estate ownership asset protection expertise.  Attorney Robertson has expertise in setting up real estate and business ownership structures in a manner to protect one’s wealth and assets from liability concerns.  Attorney Robertson regularly advises and counsels business owners and real estate owners on their asset protection and estate planning goals.

Series LLC Attorney in Plano, Yorkville, Aurora, and Montgomery in Kendall County

As a Series LLC Attorney, Attorney Robertson understands asset protection and use of parent and subsidiary company arrangements.  A Series LLC enables a person to pay $450 for the Series LLC where each LLC afterwards in the series is $50 per LLC.  Thus, the benefit of a Series LLC is to enable ownership of multiple businesses within a parent and subsidiary company arrangement.  This Series LLC provides additional liability and asset protection for multiple real estate property ownership.  One of the major mistakes most real estate investors and owners make is having multiple baby LLCs under the common ownership of one parent LLC.

A real estate investor also has the ability to upgrade their current (Illinois) LLC to a series LLC.  Attorney Robertson assist business owners and real estate investors with establishing and maintaining a Series LLC and Parent/Sister Subsidiary LLCs.  Attorney Robertson resides in Yorkville and Kendall County.  As an experienced real estate attorney, Attorney Robertson understands the importance of separating ownership for each real estate property.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorney for Real Estate Owners and Investors in Yorkville, Plano, Aurora, Montgomery, and Kendall County

Estate planning is critical for real estate ownership.  Often, real estate investors own their real estate properties in their personal or as jointly held property.  Owning real estate in one’s personal name or jointly is a major mistake.  One lawsuit can jeopardize the asset for each property under one’s personal name or joint ownership.  Unfortunately, the last recession taught many people the value of asset protection.  Real estate investors went from owning multiple properties to bankrupt in a matter of years or less.  These real estate investors failed to adequately protect their real estate ownership.  First, these real estate investors could not strategy default in case of it being in their best interest or protect themselves from one or two properties being under water or a liability concern at one property destroying the equity of their real estate holdings.

Personal Liability Protection for Real Estate Owners in Kendall County Illinois

One of the major benefits of an LLC is limited liability protection.  Unfortunately, LLCs are imperfect and will provide limited liability in most circumstances.  However, most lawyers and creditors understand that most people’s assets are in their personal and family names.  Thus, Plaintiff’s attorneys and creditors generally seek to sue an individual owner of an LLC in their personal name and attempt to sue a person in their personal and business capacity.

Attorney Robertson understands asset protection and liability protection planning.  Attorney Robertson resides in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Attorney Robertson services the residents of Kendall County with regards to their real estate closings, business formation and LLC formation, and asset protection legal needs.  Attorney Robertson may be reached at 630-780-1034.

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