Collecting Back Owed Child Support in Kendall County

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Collecting back owed child support in Illinois is a common problem for custodial parents. A Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage is a court order, which is entered reflecting the court-ordered agreement among spouses. Often, one spouse must petition the court to enforce a court-order, which addresses the issue of back-owed child support.
At the time of entry of a divorce, court orders are often entered for child support and an allocation judgment describing parental rights and responsibilities. Courts value court orders and a party can be in contempt of court when they fail to follow the terms of a court order.

Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt

A Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt is a legal pleading where the party is seeking the non-complying party to comply with a court order or face the civil penalty of contempt of court. Under 735 ILCS 5/12-107.5(a), the non-complying party must come to court and explain why the respondent shall not be held in contempt of court.
A Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt is a powerful legal tool to collect back-owed child support. The goal of filing a Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt is to force the non-complying party to begin compliance or find a way to resolve the matter where a body attachment is unnecessary. To comply with a court order, the divorce judge in Yorkville and Kendall County have the remedy of a body attachment as an incentive system to force the non-complying party to comply with the child support court order.

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