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For Sale By Owner Transactions

Kendall County IL For Sale By Owner “FSBO” Transactions

The Lawyers and Staff of Gateville Law Firm concentrate in Residential Real Estate and For Sale By Owner Real Estate Transactions in Kendall County including the following areas:

Yorkville    |    Oswego    |    Plainfield    |    Joliet    |    Newark    |    Bristol    |    Boulder Hill    |    Aurora    |    Plano    |    Montgomery    |    Minooka

What Is A For Sale By Owner Transaction?

A For Sale By Owner Transaction or “FSBO” is a transaction where the Seller sells the property without a real estate agent. The purpose of the Residential Real Estate Transaction is to save the Seller a real estate commission fee that a Seller would have to pay if they sold their property with a real estate agent.

Here at Gateville Law Firm, we specialize in assisting Sellers in the process of a “FSBO” Real Estate Transactions. This includes helping the Seller by:

  • – Drafting of the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0;
  • – Facilitating the Residential Real Estate Closing Process including negotiating the attorney-review and home inspection contingency periods;
  • – Ordering the survey required for Closing;
  • – Coordinating the Residential Real Estate process with the mortgage broker (if applicable) and the other parties involved in the transaction; and
  • – Attending Closing and finalizing the Closing Process.

Experienced representation is critical to assist the “FSBO” Seller with the required expertise to complete the job. Sean Robertson, and the Attorneys at Gateville Law Firm, concentrate in Residential Real Estate Transactions in the Kendall County area including Yorkville, Plainfield, Joliet, Newark, and Plano among other areas.

Skilled and Experienced Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Yorkville and Kendall County for For Sale By Owners or “FSBO” Transaction

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