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Is A Pre-Closing Home Inspection Good Prior to Selling a Home?

A Pre-Closing Home Inspection is a professional inspection, which reviews your house similar to a prospective Buyer hiring a home inspector. A Home Inspection is a report by a licensed home inspector that evaluates the major components of a house similar to a Buyer’s Home Inspection Report. 

Benefits of a Pre-Inspection Report

There are a couple of benefits of a Pre-Inspection Report. The first advantage is to give the Sellers the ability to fix any major or minor issues identified in the report.  In the alternative, the Seller’s real estate broker can highlight any major issues of the house and have the purchase price reflect these items.


The second advantage of the Pre-Inspection Report is to strengthen the likelihood of having a smooth Real Estate Transaction. Often, professional home inspections are a major area of dispute in a home sale transaction. Cancelled Real Estate Transactions are costly for the following reasons:

  • – Cancelled contracts require significant time and stress
  • – Increased time on the market increases skepticism
  • – Additional mortgage payments, real estate taxes and home owner’s insurance adds to a seller’s cost
  • – Cancelled contracts waste time
  • – Lost Buying Opportunities
  • – Elevated Appraisal and Home Inspection Fees

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