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Kendall County Child Custody Attorney

The most important factor in a divorce or an establishment of paternity matter is decisions regarding your children. Parents contemplate filing for a divorce before beginning the divorce process. A parent’s worst nightmare concerns losing custody or missing visitation time with their

Under Illinois law, parenting time arrangements are considered “Allocation of Parental
Responsibilities”, which are described in a parenting plan called “an allocation judgment”. An allocation judgment describes the rights and responsibilities of parenting children such as the following:

  • Establishment of Shared Parenting or Joint Parenting Arrangements or alternative
  • Defines how major decisions will be made such as education, health, religion, and
    extracurricular activities
  • Describe parenting time and visitation rights including on holidays, birthdays, and school
  • Allocation of federal and state tax issues

The above are general subjects that are mentioned in well-prepared allocation judgments.
Customization and advocacy are critical and often, these decisions require an attorney that will argue your position in front of a Judge. At Gateville Law Firm, we have experienced counsel that work on your divorce or paternity matter as a team. A team of attorneys that work together and bring additional skills that one attorney cannot provide.

Yorkville Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys
We offer free initial consultation to discuss your case and your specific objectives. We understand the divorce and domestic relations process and can provide experience legal counsel to guide you in your decision-making. If you are going through a child custody or a parenting matter, hire Gateville Law Firm to assist you. We provide you wise counsel that will advocate for your legal rights. We represent people in Yorkville and the surrounding areas such as Plano, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Bristol, Newark, and other communities and surrounding Kendall County. Call us today at 630-780-1034 or via online contact form.

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