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Kendall County Child Support Attorney

Establishment of child support is a major issue in divorce and paternity cases. Unlike the old child support guidelines, the new child support guidelines require both parents to financially contribute to the support of their children. The custodial parent provides the day-to-day care and support for the children including housing and shelter and other forms of support. However, the non-custodial parent pays child support and provides a contribution of expenses for educational expenses, extracurricular activities, healthcare, and other forms of financial assistance.

Calculating the new child support payment under the “income shares model” requires advocacy and an understanding of Illinois child support law. Often, parents are self-employed, unemployed, and having jobs, which pay them overtime. These different employment types require a understanding of the child support rules and court procedures. Often times, calculating child support is comprised of grey areas, which can have a negative effect on one’s court-ordered child support payment.

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