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Real Estate Title Issues and Affidavits of Heirships

Finding qualified and experienced real estate legal counsel is a critical necessity for home owners and real estate owners. Real estate title issues often disrupt real estate transactions and one must undergo the probate court process or identify a strategy or strategies to clear up the real estate title issues to sale the property.

Gateville Law Firm is your real estate legal team of attorneys and real estate professionals. We are experienced in real estate law and estate planning. Most real estate attorneys are ill equipped to assist with real estate title issues because they do not understand the different estate planning legal strategies available to home and real estate owners.

Real Estate Title and Conveyance Lawyers: Death and Incapacity Planning Attorneys of Homeowners

Gateville Law Firm is your Kendall County real estate law firm with offices in Yorkville and Kendall County, Illinois.  The attorneys and professional staff at Gateville Law Firm understand the real estate process including issues with real estate title and how to resolve these title related issues. Often, deaths occur and family members fail to appropriate the urgency of proper ownership of real estate.

Often, the creation of an estate plan is not an urgent concern. Unfortunately, the lack of estate planning is one of the many reasons people have title related issues with real estate. On a weekly basis, we hear about people that have real estate title issues because a loved one deceased and no proper estate planning was considered.

Affidavit of Heirship

An Affidavit of Heirship is an effective tool for those that want to sale real estate.  An affidavit of heirship is a legal strategy designed to clear up the real estate title issues a home owner may face. One of the benefits of an affidavit of heirship is it can be simple in some cases to clean up the title issues when family members get along.

Often, a family wants to sell their home and do not want to undergo the probate process.  Gateville Law Firm can assist with probate and non-probate real estate transactions. The team of real estate professionals at Gateville Law Firm are eager to provide cost-effective and timely real estate solutions.

Experienced Real Estate Title and Real Estate Ownership Attorneys

The estate planning and real estate legal process can be an intimidating experience for many family members. First, loved ones have lost family members and immediately thereafter, must be concerned with legal issues involving the passing of a loved one.  Gateville Law Firm provides effective and experienced real estate legal expertise to assist families and individuals with their real estate purchase and sale legal needs.

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