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Protecting wealth is essential when a family has acquired significant business assets, real estate interests, investment, and retirement assets.  Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm concentrate in estate planning, wealth preservation, and asset protection for residents and business owners in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sugar Grove, Aurora, Joliet, Plainfield, and Sandwich among other areas in Kendall County.  Sean Robertson is an experienced and reliable asset protection and real estate attorney that can assist you and your family to protect your hard-earned assets and wealth.

One lawsuit or creditor lawsuit can threaten a whole life of good decisions and hard work.  Gateville Law Firm customizes its’ approach and skills to your specific fact scenario.  A customized approach and plan is critical to assisting Yorkville, Oswego, and Kendall County residents that have worked hard to accumulate significant assets and wealth with respect to the following assets:

  • LLC, Corporate, and Business Assets;
  • Real Estate Assets (including home ownership, vacation, and investment properties);
  • Individual Retirement Accounts, 401(k)s, and Pension Plans;
  • Cash, Checking, Savings, and Mutual Fund Savings;
  • Life Insurance

These are a few assets among many assets that people want to protect.  Owning a business or professional practice such as a physician, dentists, chiropractor, attorney, and/or any other professional has tremendous risks. Lawsuits against a business is one of the greatest threats against one’s wealth.

Asset protection empowers people to protect their assets against aggressive creditors and predatory lawsuits.  Often lawsuits are filed by aggressive contingency lawyers after money.  People wonder why they should be concerned about legitimate creditor or lawsuit concerns.  Unfortunately, many lawsuits are not legitimate and/or good wishes do not settle lawsuits.  Asset protection is not a replacement for proper liability and umbrella insurance.  Asset protection is a supplement to proper insurance planning.


Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm assist real estate owners, business owners, farmers, and others against liability concerns.  We also help professional practice professionals such as the following:

  • Realtors, developers, and builders;
  • Physicians, OB-GYNs, Surgeons, and other medical doctors;
  • Attorneys;
  • Engineers, Contractors, and Others;
  • Dentist, Chiropractors, Nurses, and other medical professionals.
  • Teachers and Principals;
  • Police Officers; and
  • Small business entrepreneurs and family-business owners.

Plano, Sugar Grove, and Sandwich Business Attorneys and Asset Protection Lawyers in Kendall County

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm utilize different techniques to create customized estate plans, access business risks, and develop asset protection plans.  Sean Robertson is an experienced protecting wealth attorney that has significant divorce, litigation, and judgment experience to protect his clients against creditor risks and lawsuit threats.

Sean Robertson’s litigation experience is invaluable because a good transactional lawyer understands litigation.  Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm employ a wholistic approach to protecting assets against lawsuit and creditor threats.

The goal is to protect family and generational wealth and pass your assets in a conflict free and drama free environment.  Utilizing Revocable Living Trusts and Powers of Attorneys (Financial and Medical) are essential to a well-placed asset protection and estate plan.  These estate planning tools enable assets to pass free of probate concerns and minimal (if any) family conflict situations which cost thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars in legal fees and costs.

Attorney Sean Robertson offers the following asset protection and lawsuit protect services:

  • Business formation and entity legal advice;
  • Tax Planning for Real Estate Owners, Business Owners, and Families;
  • Real Estate Preservation and Wealth Accumulation Law;
  • Liability Planning for Real Estate Investors and Owners;
  • Private Land Trust for Real Estate Ownership;
  • Estate Planning and Revocable Living Trust Planning
  • Family business and liability planning including asset protection for family run entrepreneurs;
  • Life Insurance Trust and Irrevocable Trust to protect against Medicaid Issues and Nursing Home Issues;
  • Family Business Succession Planning and Wealth Law; and
  • Revocable Living Trust and Last Wills and Testaments.

Yorkville, Oswego, and Plano Small Business Asset Protection Attorneys in Kendall County

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm work with small business owners, family business owners, and independent contractors and owners to protect their wealth.  Simply put, Sean Robertson devises a defensive plan against the threats of creditors.  Asset protection is similar to virus protection with a computer.

Like virus protection, an asset protection attorney knows how a creditor and lawsuit would jeopardize a person or family’s wealth accumulation and retirement plans.  Often, business owners hear that setting up an LLC or Corporation is sufficient to protect one’s assets from business creditor concerns.

Unfortunately, small business owners and family business owners face personal liability concerns as a result of their business endeavors.  This conflict creates uncertainty and pain for family-business owners because their financial wealth is greatly concerned with the family business.

Yorkville, Kendall County and Oswego Real Estate Asset Protection Legal Services

A significant portion of many couple’s wealth and concern are real estate holdings such as property and rental property.  Landlord evictions and slip and fall concerns threaten one’s real estate interests if real estate is not properly titled.

Often, Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm see jointly owed real estate in husband and wife’s names, which is a big mistake.  One foreclosure lawsuit or lawsuit could threaten all of your real estate interests.  A judgment attaches to all real estate property in your personal or jointly owned name.

A well-positioned asset protection plan will place your LLC and real estate interests beyond the threats of your creditors.  This well-positioned estate planning and real estate asset protection plan provides peace of mind and certainty.

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm are real estate, business, and asset protection attorneys for real estate investors, landlords, and real estate owners.  At Gateville Law Firm, Sean Robertson counsels and advises real estate owners on their business and financial rights and responsibilities.

A well-positioned LLC creates a barrier between your real estate assets and your personal assets.  Creditors understand that most business owners do not own their assets in their business name except for real estate.  A creditor or attorney is more likely to initiate a lawsuit if they believe that you own multiple real estate holdings especially if one has significant equity in one of their many properties.

Experienced and Reliable Real Estate and Business Protection Attorneys in Yorkville, Oswego, and Kendall County

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm work with residents of Kendall County and nearby residents.  Sean Robertson is an experienced business, real estate, and asset protection attorney that assist clients with their estate planning and financial plans.  Sean Robertson may be reached via online contact form; email; and/or phone at 630-780-1034.  Our website is

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