Residential Real Estate Closing Attorneys in Yorkville and Kendall County

A Residential real estate closing is a significant event in a person’s life or business.  When you are closing a residential real estate closing, a skilled and experienced real estate closing lawyer is critical for your financial protection.  A real estate closing is most people’s most significant financial transaction, which involves their most substantial asset. 

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm are real estate closing attorneys serving the Yorkville, Plano, Oswego, Aurora, Plainfield, Joliet, Bristol, Newark, and Montgomery areas.  Our real estate lawyers and team concentrate in Kendall County real estate closings.  Whether you are a buyer or seller, Attorney Robertson is eager to assist you.  Customer service is very important, and our real estate team is customer service oriented.


A real estate contract is called a real estate purchase agreement or Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0 is the often-used real estate closing contract for sellers and buyers.  Attorney Robertson understands the ins and outs of this real estate purchase agreement and can skillfully navigate the closing process for sellers and buyers in Yorkville and Kendall County.

Generally, a real estate purchase agreement addresses the following issues:

  • The parties involved in the transaction and their rights and responsibilities
  • The Purchase Price
  • The Closing Date
  • Loan Contingency Clause and Due Dates
  • Home Inspection Deadlines and Rights
  • Disclosures
  • Homeowners Associations and Contact Information
  • Tax Pro Rations
  • Contingency provisions such as post-closing possessions or sale of real estate contingencies

Real estate transactions have critical deadlines and significant issues at stake.  Negotiation of the home inspection issues and amendments in the contractual process are just examples of the major issues involved in the real estate closing process in Yorkville.  Disagreements and conflict may occur and having a skilled real estate closing attorney to save the deal or modify the key terms of the deal is critical for Yorkville property owners.  Furthermore, real estate taxes are increasing in the Kendall County area and negotiation of tax pro ration issues are critical for home buyers and sellers.


An experienced residential real estate lawyer is key to a successful closing.  Successful real estate closings are not accidently done but done with coordination and organization.  Our Kendall County real estate closing lawyers provide high-quality and customer service oriented real estate closing representation for sellers and buyers on real estate in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Aurora, Plainfield, Joliet, Minooka, Newark, Bristol, and Plattville.  Contact Attorney Robertson at 630-780-1034.  Let Gateville Law Firm, be your residential real estate lawyer advocate.

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