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Residential Real Estate Closing Lawyers in Plano

The residential real estate closing process is a critical time period for real estate owners.  A real estate closing generally involves a substantial financial transaction for most buyers or home sellers.  Hiring a skilled advocate and experienced real estate closing attorney in Plano and the surrounding areas is key to a successful real estate closing.

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm are skilled and high-quality real estate closing attorneys focused on Kendall County and Plano, Illinois.  Sean Robertson is a resident of Yorkville, which is near Plano, Illinois.  As a resident of Kendall County, Attorney Robertson provides coordinated and skilled real estate closing assistance for sellers and home buyers in the Plano and surrounding areas.  Customer service is critical and separates us from other real estate attorneys.


A real estate purchase agreement is also known as a residential real estate contract or a Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0.  The real estate contract details the important contractual obligations and rights such as the following:

  • The Purchase Price
  • The Closing Date
  • When the Title Commitment is Due
  • Mortgage Contingency Deadlines and Terms
  • Real Estate Disclosures
  • Home Inspection and Attorney Review Deadlines and Conditions
  • How Tax Pro Rations are Calculated

Attorney Sean Robertson navigates the real estate closing process for his sellers who are selling their homes.  Attorney Robertson has over 15 years of experience as a real estate attorney.  Real estate law has critical deadlines and the team of real estate professionals at Gateville Law Firm, a real estate law firm helps coordinate the closing process for our seller and home buyer clients.  Attorney Robertson is detail oriented and understands the ins and outs of the real estate contract.


In conclusion, Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm are experienced residential real estate lawyers.  We help the Plano and surrounding areas with the following real estate services:

  • Coordination of the Real Estate Closing Process for Sellers and Buyers
  • Setting up Private Land Trust for Asset Protection and Estate Planning
  • Drafting of property transfer documents such as Quit Claim Deeds
  • We add spouses to title, delete ex-spouses from title, transfer real estate to Trusts and LLCs among other things
  • Negotiate real estate closing transactions in Plano and Kendall County
  • Set up LLCs and Limited Partnerships for Real Estate Investments
  • Kendall County Landlord Contracts and Eviction Proceedings
  • Series Limited Liability Companies or Series LLCs

Sean Robertson may be reached at 630-780-1034. 

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