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Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Unexpected situations.  Unfortunately, there are many unexpected situations that arise during a real estate purchase agreement.  A real estate purchase agreement has an attorney-review and home inspection period, which enables a real estate attorney to modify the terms of a real estate contract. 

During the attorney-review or any stage in a real estate transaction, unexpected events and situations arise when a skilled and quality residential real estate lawyer is necessary to identify a solution.  Unfortunately, there are times where there is no solution other than a party walking away from the real estate deal.

There could be a real estate tax improvement issue where real estate tax prorations could be a challenge due to a recent improvement and increase in a real estate tax bill.  These are unexpected events that have the ability to destroy a real estate closing.  Real estate taxes are extremely important especially if a buyer believes that the real estate taxes on a particular property will be much lower than reality.  Again, hiring a quality real estate attorney is a smart decision because of unexpected events.


Attorney Sean Robertson provides wisdom and experienced counseling to buyers and sellers during real estate transactions.  Attorney Robertson services the Yorkville, Shorewood, and Naperville areas.  Essentially, Gateville Law Firm serves the Will County, Kendall County, DuPage County, Grundy County, and Kane County areas.  Attorney Robertson may be reached at 630-780-1034.

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