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Paternity cases involve unwed fathers in the Yorkville and Kendall County areas.  A paternity case is also called a “family law” case because the parents are unmarried.  Under Illinois law, a father fails to automatically have custodial or visitation rights until a court order is entered into the Kendall County or surrounding area courts establishing a biological child-parent relationship.

Paternity cases differ from domestic relation cases significantly because fathers do not have an established right to child visitation or significant parental decision making until a court has declared a child and parent relationship exists.  In the alternative, a mother is not eligible automatically for child support until a court order declaring a parent and child relationship is entered in the appropriate court establishing a parent and child relationship.


Gateville Law Firm are skilled Yorkville Parentage Attorneys practicing in Kendall County and surrounding areas.  As experienced family and parentage lawyers, our lawyers and staff support parents navigate the complex family and custody process in the courts throughout Yorkville and the surrounding areas.

Parentage cases compel fathers to pay child support and related expenses.  In the alternative, fathers will fail to garner their parental rights until they exercise their rights to parental decision making and parenting time.  Attorney Robertson and Gateville Law Firm assists parents with parenting and family law cases in Kendall County.  Our attorneys assist with the following types of matters:

  • Establish a parent and child relationship
  • Calculate and collect child support and related expenses
  • Provide healthcare coverage and daycare responsibilities
  • Contribute to daycare, extracurricular activities and out of pocket medical expenses

Paternity cases affect a person’s life in a significant manner.  Having a significant role in your child’s life is important and requires skilled lawyer skills to maximize your legal rights.  Hiring a skilled and experienced family law firm is critical to safeguard one’s ability to positively impact their child or children’s lives.  Furthermore, child support payments will have an essential role in one’s financial security.  DNA testing is often used to prove or disprove a paternity case.



At Gateville Law Firm, we understand how a paternity or parentage case affects one’s life.  Gateville Law Firm provides experienced parentage and family law matters in Yorkville, Plano, Oswego, Newark, Bristol, Joliet, Plainfield, Aurora, and Montgomery in the areas of Kendall County and surrounding areas.  Sean Robertson and the Attorneys of Gateville Law Firm represent fathers and mothers in parentage and paternity matters.  Contact us today at 630-780-1034.

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